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A chief cornerstone of corporate governance is excellence in the methods leaders use to conduct their team.  With PROFILES RH assertion to its principles on exceeding shareholder and customer requirements, management is committed towards building shareholder value and maintaining an equal representation of its shareholders.  In working closely with the company’s principles of ethical business practices and honouring the code of conduct – an adherence greatly ensued by employees and management alike – the company’s corporate culture has established itself in ways that have resonated with the employees as well as its shareholders.  These principles include integrity, propriety, honesty, compliance with the laws of the country, fair dealings, proper use of company assets and full and accurate disclosure of all account and business statements.  Unethical and illegal behavior is also strictly prohibited. 

Within the realm of ethical business practices comes the importance of education and compliance with standards, an endeavour largely communicated to all employees.

Implementing our principles on ethics and good conduct is an integral aspect to the foundation of PROFILES’ operations and culture.  Managers are held accountable for results in their given departments.  All incentives, rewards and recognition are tied to core competencies that promote ethical conduct. Rigorous internal controls are also in place to ensure compliance and encourage employees to report infractions. We believe it is right to have checks and balances in our interdependent system of corporate governance.  We have found that adherence to our system results in ever-more responsible stewardship. For a global corporation with global responsibilities, that will always be the right path.