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Design Responsibility

It is the responsibility of Profiles RH LLC, to design the pre-engineered building to meet the specifications including the design criteria and design loads incorporated by the client into the contract document. Profiles RH LLC, is not responsible for making an independent determination of any local codes or any other requirements which is not part of the contract documents.

Profiles RH LLC, is not responsible for the design of any components or materials not sold by it or their interface in connection with the Pre-Engineered Building Systems unless such design responsibility is specifically required by the contract documents.

In the event of discrepancy between the plans and specifications for the Pre-Engineered Building Systems, the specifications govern. In the event of discrepancy between scaled dimensions and numerical dimensions on the plans, included as part of the contract documents, the numerical dimension governs.

Al Rawda Poultry Farm - Meat Processing Plant - Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Design Codes

Profiles RHC LLC, uses the following codes for analysis, design and fabrication of its pre-engineered buildings and components.

1. A.I.S.C. - "American Institute of Steel Construction" - Manual of Steel Construction 1989 and edition and its revisions. This manual is used for the design for all built up sections, hot-rolled sections and welded plates.

2. A.I.S.I. - "American Iron and Steel Institute" - Specifications for the design of cold formed steel structural members - 1996 Edition and its revisions. This manual is used for all welding specifications and procedures.

3. A.W.S. - "American Welding Society Manual" 2006 Edition. This manual used for all welding specifications and procedures.

4. M.B.M.A. - "Metal Building Manufacturers Association" manual 1996 Edition / 2002 Edition Metal Building Dealers Association. This manual is used for all loading conditions, fabrication tolerances and is considered as a guideline for pre-engineered buildings.

Its Profiles RH LLC's policy to adhere to all latest updates of the above code. Apart from the above mentioned codes, Profiles RH LLC, is capable of designing the structures in accordance with B.S. 5950 and B.S. 449. For concrete design and related subjects, Profiles RH LLC, follows B.S. 8110 as the design code.


Building Design Certification

Upon the request of the client, Profiles RH LLC, will provide a letter of certification towards the integrity of the design. The Engineering Manager and the Managing Director will duly authorize this letter.