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Citizenship in Action

Steel and aluminum are among the most widely used metals as well as most recycled material on earth.  Our obligation is to fulfill the demand for steel responsibly, both today and in the years ahead. Through technology, innovation and especially through collaborative efforts with government, industry and others, we are working to reduce the environmental footprint of steel throughout its lifecycle.

From raw material pellets to finished product, metal making consume substantial amounts of energy, representing about 20 percent of the total cost.  With worldwide demand for steel on the rise, along with genuine concerns about global climate change, we must find ways to reduce energy use in manufacturing.  In conjunction with the Ministry of Environment and Water, we have set a long-term strategy to identify opportunities in energy substitution, energy recovery and energy savings that will allow us to produce steel using less resources than today’s processes by 2025.

Working with the Department of Energy, we are developing new technologies to improve energy efficiency in metal making.  As a result of the close relationship between energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, the industry’s aggregate CO2 emissions per ton of steel shipped were reduced by a comparable amount during the same time periods.  Innovation is our key to the sustainable use of our products by customers.

Our cooperative efforts to promote sustainability include responsible end-of-life management for products made of steel and aluminum.  Global cooperation to sustain resources for generations to come is the very essence of responsible corporate citizenship.  As one of the country’s largest integrated steel and aluminum makers, PROFILES RH is highly motivated and has much to share, as we continue on a collaborative path to a sustainable future.