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Environment And Energy

We live in an environment shared by many and, as such, we have a great responsibility towards the natural world and its ecological future.  At PROFILES RH , environmental stewardship is among our deeply-rooted values and an integral part of how we do business. It is a primary responsibility of each of our operations and a personal obligation of every employee. Creating the steel that supplies and supports our society is a resource-intensive operation with implications for future generations as well as our own. That is why, as a corporation and individuals, we are committed to the following:

• Compliance with all environmental laws and regulations
• Continuous improvement in environmental and resource management
• Continued reduction of emissions
• Community partnerships to protect and preserve natural resources.
• Adopting sustainable processes beyond the imposed regulations.

Environmental Management Systems
The goal of our environmental management system, or EMS, is to reduce ecological impacts through the review and continuous improvement of the technologies, processes and practices used to manage them. We are an industry leader in incorporating environmental management systems.  

Energy Management
Our company is highly motivated to reduce the amount of energy consumed in making steel and aluminum and to better understand the impact our operations may have on the emission of greenhouse gases. In addition to environmental concerns, there are compelling economic and national security reasons for attention to energy management.  Improving the energy efficiency of our processes is an ongoing focus of our operations. Incentives are in place to identify opportunities in the production line that will result in energy savings.  Recovery and reuse of energy to fuel other operations is also beneficial because that reduces overall consumption.  We have also increased our use of alternative fuels based on renewable resources.

Taking responsibility for the impact of our operations is fundamental to being a proactive corporate citizen. In the years ahead, our company will continue to examine and refine our processes to further conserve energy and other natural resources, reuse or recycle byproducts of production, whenever possible, and seek opportunities at every turn to exercise responsible stewardship over the environment we share with generations to come.