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Health and Safety

For PROFILES RH , good corporate citizenship begins with putting the safety of our people first. Safety is our number one core value and our corporation’s top priority. Every employee has the right to return home from work safely at the end of every day, and we are working to eliminate all injuries and incidents at all of our facilities. We also believe that safe companies are successful companies, a belief that is helping to drive our quest for world-class safety performance and compliance with safety regulations

Our Corporate Safety Steering Team is leading that quest. Working together, a designated safety team composed of top-level management drives a determined effort to reach our safety objective, and that is to eliminate all injuries and incidents in every one of our facilities.  Safety professionals are among PROFILES’ most trained employees. They see every part of the workplace through critical eyes, looking for opportunities to prevent injury or perform a process or procedure in a safer manner. They also regularly train their co-workers to do the same.  This allows for a frank exchange of ideas and opinions that is helping to build trust and engage employees throughout the company in a “safety first” mindset.

The ultimate key to safety in the workplace is for every employee to accept personal responsibility for his or her own safety, and that of everyone with whom he or she works.  Joint audit teams consisting of safety representatives, line managers and safety professionals also continuously identify opportunities to eliminate injuries and improve our safety processes.

As part of an organization dedicated to protecting life and promoting health in the public and private sectors, we understand that achieving safety excellence is an ongoing quest. It is also a part of doing business as a responsible corporate citizen at home and around the world.