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Our People

At PROFILES RH, employees with high ethical standards are at the heart of responsible corporate citizenship.  Our people embody the success of our company.  Sustaining an impeccable standard of conduct will require winning the battle for human talent. We intend to continue striving to win that battle and adjust progressively to meet the needs of new generations. 

Our challenge is to attract and retain the most capable employees. We recognise that to draw their talent to our culture, we must better understand theirs, as well as the attitudes and beliefs they bring to the workplace. We are acting on several fronts to achieve those objectives.  Our recruiting engine continues to grow and accelerate to meet this demand.  Our Human Resources department works diligently to prepare for, attract, welcome, train and develop the people who will carry the ethical practices of our company forward.  Proactive and substantial career development is essential to retaining top talent, and opportunity for advancement at PROFILES RH

Employees begin their careers by making a formal commitment to our company’s code of ethical conduct.  They are all challenged by meaningful assignments from the first day on the job, and all are trained and empowered early with supervisory responsibilities.  A career development ladder rises within reach, providing support at every level, beginning with monitoring programs for new managers.  Rigorous, constantly upgraded development of this kind will determine the quality of our corporate citizenship for years to come.