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Project Management

PROFILES RH LLC shall, in tendering for contracts, review all project (particularly the HSE plan) in accordance with the company’s contract review procedures.

In all contracts and projects, the company Directors, Managers and employees shall carry out their functions in accordance with the requirements and prohibitions imposed upon them by or under any relevant health and safety statutory provisions applicable to their positions, and as directed by the specific requirements and prohibitions of any particular project.

PROFILES RH LLC shall appoint a Safety Officer with overall responsibility for its project.

With regard to this policy the contract review shall focus on ensuring:

  • That the company has the competence and resources necessary to comply fully with the requirements and prohibitions imposed upon the company by or under any of the statutory provisions relevant to the project.

  • The identification of hazards and the assessment of risks which are identified in the HSE plan or which are foreseeable as a result of the company’s contraction work activities within the project.

PROFILES RH LLC shall carry out documented General Risk Assessments:

  • For all significant Risks which are foreseeable within the design and construction work activities on the project and to implement and maintain suitable preventive and/or protective measures necessary to protect employees and others from those risks.

  • To cost in terms of resources and time the preventive and/ or protective measures as part of the pre-qualification or tendering process of the contract.

  • If, during the risk assessments, any significant risks are identified, which are relevant to the design and / or construction work activities and are not identified in the project HSE plan those risks shall be assessed and brought to the attention of the project Manager and Managing Partner.

The company ensures that employees designated to work in any project have as appropriate sufficient skills, training and experience and knowledge to properly undertake the design and/or work activities safety and to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed on them by or under the relevant statutory provisions applicable to the project.

The company shall ensure the adequate resources including the necessary plant, machinery, technical facilities, trained personnel and time are provided to fulfill their health, safety and welfare obligations within any project.

PROFILES RH LLC shall insure, in relation to any project, that :

  • The arrangement is in place to actively manage health, safety and environment.             
  • The procedures are followed for developing and implementing the HSE plan for any relevant part of it.
  • The appropriate measures are in place to deal with high risk work activities identified in the HSE plan.
  • The arrangement is in place for monitoring compliance with health and legislation.
  • The qualified people are there to design, manage or carry out the work with the required skills, training and time.

PROFILES RH LLC will allocate adequate time to complete the various stages of design and/or construction work without risk to health and safety or environment.
Employment procedures are in place to ensure employees comply with health, safety and environment laws.

No person shall arrange for sub-contract to carry out or manage construction work on behalf  of PROFILES RH LLC unless he has taken such steps as are reasonable (including making reasonable inquires or seeking advice where necessary) to satisfy himself that the sub-contractor has the  competence to carry out the construction work and that the sub-contract has allocated or, as appropriate, will allocate adequate resources to enable the sub-contractor to comply with the requirements that prohibitions imposed on him by or under the relevant statutory provisions applicable to the project. The same applies to any firm trying to act as the Agent for selling the Company’s Products as there is no official Agent in any part of the world to represent us.

Where appropriate, the competence and resources of sub-contractor appointed on behalf of the company shall be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Safety Officer or Managing Partner.

The Safety Officer shall monitor the company’s work activities to ensure that they consistently comply with the requirements and prohibitions of the project HSE plan and current HSE legislation.