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SERVICE is delivering a QUALITY product on time, engineered and fabricated to exacting standards. SERVICE is providing clients with competitive prices for buildings with liners, patiotions, fascia, canopies, and so much more.... In a matter of minutes!
Upon initiation of a contract, Profiles RH state of the art program provides computerized design, erection drawings and bill of materials to expedite delivery.

Since PROFILES RH LLC's inception in 1990, SERVICE has been the cornerstone of our business philosophy. As you review our manufacturing capabilities and product line and evaluate a few of our industrial, commercial, institutional, self-storage and design build projects, remember ....

PROFILES RH LLC, believes in delivering a quality product at a competitive price and offering a professional service to each and every client.

We offer a number of services for our clients, including:

Civil and MEP contracting including G+12 buildings,
villas, concrete works for the pre-engineered buildings, foundations for silos/water tanks, etc.

Pre-engineered buildings(Hot rolled or built up): Factories, Commercial showrooms, supermarkets, office buildings, warehouses, convention halls, sports halls, workshops, labor camps, distribution centers, aircraft hangars, restaurants, schools, printing presses, pipe rack systems, etc.

  • Warehouse computer Designs
  • Erection & Shop Drawings
  • Toll coil coating (Epoxies, polyesters, PVdF)
  • Toll blasting & painting for steel structures

Profiles RH LLC, believes in delivering a quality product at a competitive price! Offering a professional service to each and every client.

The implementation of this philosophy is done by incorporating the following principles:
     ٠ Giving each project the time,
        attention and craftmanship it
     ٠ Fair, equitabble and honest pricing
       for our product.
     ٠ Employing highly skilled and
        qualified professionals to guide
        each project through
        every department in the company.
     ٠ Creating a safe working
        environment which rewards
     ٠ Deliveringour product on time to
        exacting standards, utilizing state
        of the art technololgy.
     ٠ Providing technical assistance to
        the customer, after delivery to
        ensure the successful completion
        and customer satisfaction of each